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Penis Enlargement

Size isn't about length or width alone; only when you're happy with both can you feel confident about your penis. If you're like many men, you believe that size does matter, and the confidence that comes from large size has been missing for most of your adult life. Well, there's something you can do about it – you can choose penis enlargement surgery from Dr. Mark P. Solomon.

To learn more about penile enlargement, please request a consultation online or call Dr. Solomon's office at Tell.

Why Dr. Solomon

Dr. Solomon is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing penis enhancement procedures. His unique skill has enabled him to develop innovative techniques for penis enhancement and has made him the "go-to" surgeon when men need revision surgery. Men travel from all over the world for surgery from Dr. Solomon.

Procedure Options

Based on what you'd like to accomplish, Dr. Solomon will help find the right penis enlargement technique for you.

Penis Lengthening Procedures. There's the potential to add about an inch or two to the length of your penis. The surgery is performed by revealing some of the "hidden" length of your penis that is held inside your body by a ligament.

Penis Widening Procedures. Men usually see about a 30% increase in the width of their erect penis after this procedure. The new width is added by wrapping thick sheets of dermal allograft beneath the skin of the penis.

Surgical lengthening and widening can be performed separately, at the same time, or as staged procedures. All penis enlargement techniques are performed in a state-licensed surgery center under general anesthesia.

If size is not your primary concern, you may be interested in the other male genital enhancement procedures Dr. Solomon performs such as curvature correction, scrotal enhancement, and revision surgery. He also performs other cosmetic surgery procedures in Philadelphia and New York for men.

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