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Penis Lengthening Surgery

Feeling confident about the length of your penis isn't just about what your sexual partner says or how you think you measure up to other men. Ultimately, what matters most is if you really feel confident about your length. If you're not quite there, it may be time to explore your options for permanent penile (penis) lengthening. With surgery, you can get the length you want without wasting time on other treatments that offer poor results – or no results at all. When you're ready, Dr. Mark P. Solomon is a plastic surgeon you can trust to perform your penis lengthening procedure.

To learn more about penile lengthening surgery, please request a consultation online or call Dr. Solomon's office at Tell icon.


Dr. Solomon knows that results matter. Here's what you can expect from penis lengthening surgery:

  • Length gain is usually about one inch (up to two) in a flaccid state with slightly less gain when erect.
  • Most men are able to enjoy their new size without negative impacts on the ability to achieve or maintain an erection.
  • When recovery is complete, most men achieve a permanent increase in penis size.

Why Dr. Solomon

Dr. Solomon is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing penis enhancement procedures. His unique skill has enabled him to develop innovative techniques for penis enhancement and has made him the "go-to" surgeon when men need revision surgery. Men travel from all over the world for surgery with Dr. Solomon.

How It's Done

You may be surprised to hear that up to one half of your penis is hidden, unseen, inside your body. This is good news, because Dr. Solomon can perform a surgical procedure to reveal that hidden length. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia at a state-licensed surgery center. Dr. Solomon will release the ligaments that suspend the penis underneath your pubic bone. More of the penis can then be seen outside of your body, increasing your visible length.

Many men choose to combine penis lengthening with penis widening. Dr. Solomon also performs penis widening surgery and can discuss your options for combined procedures. You may also choose to combine your penis lengthening procedure with liposuction, as excess fat in the pubic region can cause the penis to appear shorter.

As with any surgical procedure, there are possible risks and complications associated with surgical penis lengthening, but these will be discussed with you during your initial consultation.

Penis Lengthening

Ligament Release Skin Incision Weights Stretching Device Spacer Silicone Tube
Yes for all methods VY flap - initially used to create skin, now not used by most surgeons Help to prevent scar from pulling penis back after ligament release Used by many but puts tension at point of release of ligament Made of silicone. Placed in gap created by ligament release. NOT APPROVED FOR USE IN USA. Proprietary device used by one surgeon. Not approved for sale by FDA in USA. No long term data.
Horizontal incision - at penis pubic junction, 1 inch, used by most surgeons

Post-Op Care

To ensure that your surgical penile lengthening procedure is a success, you will need to follow Dr. Solomon's instructions carefully. As part of your post-surgical care, you will need to wear a penis stretching device. Although this may sound intimidating, it is actually a lot like a condom with light weights on it. The weight prevents scar tissue from pulling your penis back inside your body and enables optimal length gain.

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