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Penis Widening Surgery

If you feel like your penis isn't big enough, you're probably not just thinking about length. In fact, the width of your penis can be just as important. Whether you're happy or unhappy with the length of your penis, there's a good chance you won't feel confident about your size until your penis is thicker. Now, with penis widening surgery, Dr. Mark P. Solomon can help you feel more confident about your width.

To learn more about the penile widening procedure, please request a consultation online or call Dr. Solomon's office at Tell icon.


Dr. Solomon knows that results matter. Here's what you can expect from penis widening surgery:

  • Most men are able to see about a 30% increase in the width of their erect penis with this procedure.
  • With a wider penis, men can feel more confident in bed and just in general.
  • And, if you desire more width, it may be possible to repeat the procedure.

Why Dr. Solomon

Dr. Solomon is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing penis enhancement procedures. His unique skill has enabled him to develop innovative techniques for penis enhancement and has made him the "go-to" surgeon when men need revision surgery. Men travel from all over the world for surgery with Dr. Solomon.

How It's Done

Surgeons have attempted several different methods to increase penis width. They've tried using fat injections or a dermis fat graft – all with mixed success. Dr. Solomon has developed his own technique that produces superior results for most men.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia in a state-licensed surgery center. Dr. Solomon will add large, thick sheets of dermal allograft (similar to Alloderm®) beneath the skin of the penis. By using this donor tissue, the duration of the procedure is reduced and the risk of a scar in another location is eliminated. His approach is unique in that he utilizes thick sheets of the allograft wrapped around the penis.

Many men choose to combine surgical penis widening with penis lengthening. Dr. Solomon also performs penis lengthening surgery and can discuss your options for combined procedures during your consultation.

Penis Girth Enhancement

Material Source Contour Number of Applications Needed Relative Cost
Fat Patient Lumpy 1-3 or more Low
Autologous dermis Patient Varies with surgeon technique 1 Moderate
Allograft dermis Tissue bank, either human or animal (see next table) Smooth if wrapped all around. Edges can be felt is strips are used 1 Moderate to high depending upon source
Material Appearance Durability (how long does it last) Reabsorption
Fat Irregular Varies High
Autologous dermis Varies with surgeon technique Good Minimal
Allograft dermis Generally smooth Good Minimal

Allograft Material

Name Source Manufacturer Sterile Comments
Alloderm Cadaver LifeCell No Available in various sizes and thicknesses
Belladerm Surgical specimen MTF Yes chemical Available in various sizes and thicknesses
Repriza Cadaver Promethean Yes radiation Ultrathick is thicker than other products
Permacol Porcine Covidien Yes radiation Limited sizes and thicknesses
Strattice Porcine LifeCell Yes Limited sizes and thickesses

Post-Op Care

It's important to allow your body to rest and recover after surgery; following Dr. Solomon's instructions during this period is essential for your success. He will thoroughly discuss your post-surgical care and possible complications with you prior to surgery.

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